Pool Finishes


Finishes to your pool can have a huge impact on the safety and functionality of the pool to all users. At State Wide Pool Services we offer our clients a variety of choices when it comes to finishing your pool from linings, stainless rails, water features and disability access we can make choosing the products for your next pool construction or renovation project simple. 

  • Pool Liners - Revolutionising how we renovate and construct commercial pools, new generation PVC liners are strong, durable and can aid in the prevention of bacteria and algae growth. 
  • Ceramic Tiles - The most commonly used finish in commercial pools across the country. While quality and durability does vary we can source and supply speciality tiles for all areas of your pool keeping it safe and slip resistant. 
  •  Grating - Specifically formulated for use in harsh swimming pool environments our grating systems made from high strength polymer are resistant to discolouration, chipping and cracking. 
  • Stainless Steel - We can fabricate and/or supply stainless steel products specifically for your project needs. These include bollards, pool rails, stairs, strainers, water features and unique sculptures.