Hydrotherapy pools  

Hydrotherapy or Aquatic Therapies offer rehabilitation and treatment for a number of conditions and illnesses as well as providing gentle exercise options for elderly and disabled patients. The popularity of warm water pools is increasing and we are incorporating them in a number of larger centres as well as including them in lifestyle and retirements villages and medical centres.

Our team have extensive experience in the design and construction of hydrotherapy pools, making sure that pools are compliant with Australian standards. Our approach to Hydrotherapy Pools is to ensure these pools are inclusive for all users, with ramps and/or lifts included for easy entry and exit. Typically considerations for Hydrotherapy treatment pools will include:

  • Project Costs

  • Pool design including access and depth

  • Anticipated usage and therapies offered

  • Anticipated number of users

Naturally the visual appeal of the pool is also a consideration and while there is little movement away from tradition in larger therapy pools, the emerging trend of incorporating high quality, smaller pools in residential and private therapy settings are giving hydrotherapy pools a new look that makes them seamlessly fit within the environment, making them feel quite luxurious. New materials such as stainless steel pool structures and inventive thinking mean that we can include therapy pools in spaces that traditionally could not be used for such a valuable resource.

Our services do not end when we finish the construction of your hydrotherapy pool, we offer comprehensive operator training, remote system monitoring, regular servicing and maintenance to ensure the pool is operational and helping with you improve clients health and well being.

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