Introducing Life Floor

We are always on the lookout for the newest and safest products for our pool construction and refurbishments. Recently we heard about Life Floor, a foam rubber flooring system designed for use in wet areas, and we wanted to know more. 

Life Floor is being used across the world to decrease slips and falls in wet areas. Splash pads and water parks are a natural location for the product, but it can also be used to increase the safety of slide towers, pool decks, zero depth entry and around Hydrotherapy pools. It is strong, durable and comes in a stunning array of colours and textures. We knew within minutes of getting our hands on a sample that this was something we could use to enhance, rejuvenate and bring a new level of safety to all our projects. We are now proudly the South Australian agents for Life Floor and cannot wait to show all our client’s ways we can use this at their pools. 

Check out the video and contact us for more information on the product for your next project.