Swimming Pool Maintenance

Daily Pool Maintenance Requirement.jpg

From a small backyard plunge pool through to a multi-pool Aquatic and Leisure Centre, swimming pool maintenance and cleaning needs to be done correctly and regularly to ensure a safe and clean swimming environment.

Public Pools require a higher level of cleaning and sanitation than a backyard pool because of the amount of water in the pool and the number of people (commonly referred to as the ‘bather load’) using the pool at any given time. All pools and water treatment systems we construct and install take into consideration the variable factors that can affect water quality and we only ever use commercial quality products, so you know that your pool will meet public health and safety regulations.

Sadly technology hasn’t yet reached a point of ‘set and forget’ for pool water sanitation in Commercial and Community pools, so there are testing and checks that need to be conducted daily, sometimes multiple times a day, to ensure water is safe and clean for all users of the facility.

At the completion of works on our pools and aquatic facilities we provide an in-depth Operations Manual and Operator Training, this prescribes the frequency of testing and a step by step processes for the operation of our pools. This manual should be used as a reference point to build workflows and practices for your employees to ensure that the right steps are taken and that the pool and pool water are cleaned and treated effectively.

Aside from the cleanliness and quality of the water in a public pool, there are other areas that can impact upon the safety of the pool which should be incorporated into a daily routine. Often this is just a visual inspection to make sure there are no tiles cracked or lifting, that gutters are free from dirt and debris, and all accessories and access options to the pool area are safe and working correctly. Noting repairs and maintenance requirements early can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

To help remind staff of the daily needs in and around your pool we’ve developed a handy reminder list that can be saved and used in your staff room or plant room area to support your own maintenance program. Please do remember to check the legislation in your state or territory to ensure you are meeting local requirements and keeping swimmers in your facility safe.  Of course, if you would like to discuss your pools maintenance, repairs and servicing requirements please get in touch with us.