Developing our values & culture

Towards the end of 2018, we critically looked at our company values as part of our strategic growth plan. While the existing values of Excellence, Integrity, Innovation and Well being were good we knew it was time to make them more inclusive of our company culture and embed them more broadly in our day to day activities.

To ensure our values are reflective of the entire team we created a group activity which asked a series of questions to get the team thinking of what makes us a unique place to work and what is important to us as a group.  There was some really honest answers that we can now use to build a  unique set of values that will drive us forward as a team. However, the answer’s to one of the questions which asked ‘What is unique about working for SWPS?’  is something we wanted to share before we officially launch our values.

At SWPS we think we have a pretty great and unique team environment, our team travel to some pretty great locations and we respect one another for our differences in personality and skill. Our new values and culture will reflect the words you see here and we hope to show the world what a unique and wonderful company we have.