Modular Stainless Steel Pools make a Splash!

In the February/March 2019 edition of Splash! Magazine an in-depth article focused on the evolution of stainless steel pools which led Natare Pool Corporation to build arguably the most recognised elevated swimming pool in the world, Marina Bay Sands. As Natare’s Australian distribution partner, we thought it was important to highlight some of the key themes and points made in the article.

Natare History

Natare (pronounced na-ta-re) is a global company passionate about building pools that allow regular people to swim and enjoy the aquatic environment. This passion began in the 1970s when the company was a supplier for the pool industry. Exponential growth resulted in two larger companies emerging, one focused on commercial systems and stainless steel pools.

The idea of stainless steel pool structures emerged from a need to upgrade and breath new life into many of the older concrete pools that had been built across America during the 60s and 70s. Natare CEO Mike Walsh explains that these structures were deteriorating rapidly, could no longer hold water and their perimeter guttering was ‘shot’.

“So the idea developed to cut off the top to 450mm to 600mm and put in a complete stainless steel gutter system with the water coming over the gutter returned into the filter”

PVC membrane systems were the natural progression for Natare, allowing these older concrete structures to be relined. Cracks and uneven surfaces in these older pools are simply covered with the strong liner, which has a strong mesh core. The obvious advantage of these systems is by renovating the pool and making the existing structure usable, you save considerable costs and resources.

“so for about 15-25% of the cost of a new facility, you can renovate the existing one”

Growth in Australia

Natare has gone on to be industry innovators offering, MicroFlo Vacuum Sand Filters, Bulkheads, Dive Spagers and Underwater windows to their product catalogue.

While Natare has developed partnerships across the globe, the Australian market ‘makes sense’ to Natare. The first complete Natare pool in the country is located in Adelaide’s University of South Australia’s Pridham Hall , on the City West campus. The building pushes a great deal of architectural and design envelopes as well as having a focus on environmental impacts and sustainability. Looking at the completed structure, it is hard to imagine a standard concrete pool fitting into the building the way the AWS Stainless steel system has.

The many older country and community pools that could cost local governments large sums of money in repairs and waste can be managed better and have a longer life by using the innovations made available to the Australian market through Natare’s presence.

For both new construction and renovation projects, the advantages of 316L stainless steel structures and guttering systems can be the strength and weight of the structure, the speed of site construction, and reduced maintenance costs. Though Mike adds the optional stainless steel interior finish of his pools might take the Australian market some time to get used to.

“it's amazing how geographically bound ideas about pool interiors are”

Tiles are the current ‘norm’ in commercial pools and spas for the Australian market and the Natare system has advantages in this area as well. The system used to adhere tiles to a Natare pool is much more robust then concrete wall adhesion, Mike proudly states since it’s construction in 2010 not one of the 500,000 tiles on the Marina Bay Sands pool has come off.

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