Winter is coming - Our Top Pool Tips

Our philosophy has always been that with a little additional effort over the cooler months you can save a lot of time and resources when setting up your pool for Summer. Switching everything off and walking away from your outdoor pool or aquatic facility might seem like the best course of action when the temperature drops, but it may cause additional problems in the long run. We’ve pooled together our top tips for your public or commercial pool this winter.

Use a Winteriser or Algaecide – these specialised treatments are designed to specifically kill and control algal blooms. Read the manufacturers directions and treat your pool(s) accordingly.

  1. Lower your Chlorine levels– The pool isn’t being used so consider reducing chlorine levels to 1.5-2ppm 

  2. Raise the pH level – With less chlorine disinfection required raising the pH level in the water will be less damaging to the mechanics and structure of the pool.

  3. Flush your dosing pumps regularly – To make sure everything is kept in good working condition, just like a car engine your pool systems need to run regularly in order to keep performing.

  4. Cover the pool - sunlight destroys the chlorine in the pool, with lower levels of the chemical required, covering will save you having to top it up regularly. UV will still damage chlorine even in cooler temperature.

  5. Use the winter months as an opportunity to conduct any little repairs or preventative maintenance requirements.

Overall we recommend running all your systems, as a winter cycle, once or twice a week. This can prevent parts from seizing and breaking down and will keep your pool from turning to a lovely shade of green. Pools that are left unattended during Winter will need a lot of work to scrub and clean the pool before you can open. Keeping the water you have clean and usable is also more sustainable financially and environmentally than dumping dirty water and refilling.

While it will be a little more time consuming and take some planning over winter to keep the systems and structures in reasonable condition you will be rewarded with less labour to get the system running again when the swimming season arrives.

If you’d like more information on how to look after your facilities swimming pools over winter, contact us to speak with one of our Service Technicians.