Team Profile - Women in the construction industry

The Australian Construction Industry in the third largest employer in the country, it’s also the most male-dominated sector*. Women make up just 12% of the workforce in the industry as a whole, and while we currently have just three women in the company we are happy to say they make up 21% of our permanent team.

They might not be out on site with tools in their hands building pools and servicing in plant rooms but the value they bring to the company is enormous. We thought we’d take an opportunity to introduce our female workforce and give you an insight into their roles, responsibilities and how they all juggle working with motherhood.

Meet the team
Carolyn Martin – Carolyn is our Office Manager, she has been with the company for 9 years. Her role is diverse and covers Administration, Finance/Payroll and Accounts. “Working for a small company a typical day can involve anything from buying the milk through to handling our cash flow, it’s always interesting”

Amanda Stephenson ( Amanda 1 ) – Amanda has been with the company for 15 months in the role of Business Development Manager. Her focus is on our growth and development, through innovations and change to Marketing, HR, Strategic Direction and Quality Systems.

Amanda Frangoulis ( Amanda 2 ) – The newest member of the State Wide team, Amanda joined us 2 months ago to take on the role of Work Health and Safety Coordinator. She knows the dangers associated with the industry and really enjoys the challenges WHS throws at her.

Left to Right: Amanda Frangoulis ( aka Amanda 2), Carolyn Martin, Amanda Stephenson ( aka Amanda 1)

Left to Right: Amanda Frangoulis ( aka Amanda 2), Carolyn Martin, Amanda Stephenson ( aka Amanda 1)

Why commercial pools?
All three women have qualifications and skills that have seen them working in other industries, so we asked them what they enjoyed most about working in Swimming Pool Construction?

For Amanda 2 it’s about the variety of our projects, “I can be coordinating safety for our team at the SKYCITY redevelopment one day, then discussing site safety issues with workers in remote parts of Western Australia the next”.

Amanda 1 enjoys showcasing our team and their work, “Most of our pools are remarkable, they are often the ‘WOW’ factor of a new building or development. Showcasing our skills and ability to the world is really fulfilling”.

For Carolyn, it’s the unified team culture of the company “Having contact with the entire team, from everyone in the office to the guys on sites, it’s just one big family, with the occasional hiccup thrown in for interest”

Working Mums
Carolyn has two daughters who are grown up now, our Amanda’s both have primary school aged children, however, all three agree that finding a company that allows them to have flexibility is key to managing the demands of a job and family. “State Wide has enabled me to adjust my days/hours over the years as my kids have grown and become independent, something I have found invaluable. Now that flexibility ensures I still enjoy a good work life balance” says Carolyn. 

Amanda 2 is a single mum, so at the moment she works school- hours and makes sure she is really organised and plans ahead. “Each weekend I plan all of our meals for the coming week and get the kids involved, we do the chores together, then we have more time to have fun together” she adds that being organised at home helps on the job “If I am organised at home, I find at work I can concentrate and get a lot done in a short amount of time”

Amanda 1 structures her hours so she can take her 9-year-old twins to school every morning, “Without that flexibility, the whole family feels a lot more stress and pressure of a morning, my kids are much happier if they aren’t in care both ends of the day”. Not being expected to take work home is also a help “State Wide doesn’t have a culture of emails or work after hours (unless it’s necessary or urgent) that means you get some downtime, which is really important to prevent fatigue and burnout”

Now the fun stuff…
Asking serious work based questions is great, it gives us an insight into our staff from a professional point of view, but it's always nice to read staff profiles that give you a little insight into our team's personality.

In my spare time, I like to….

Carolyn: Spend time with my family and friends enjoying a laugh while sharing a cheese, wine and chocolate platter! I also enjoy walking with my friends and watching sport.

Amanda 1: Run! I have set a goal to run 500km for the year, so I try and run 10-15km a week, I am doing a few virtual charity runs to help keep me motivated towards that goal.

Amanda 2: Do fun things with the kids, Last weekend we went to Latitude and my 6-year-old daughter conquered her fear of heights and did the skywalk for the first time, later we all got our gumboots on and walked to the nearby creek to explore. 

Currently Binge Watching….

Carolyn: I’m re-watching season 2 of the Handmaid’s Tale, eagerly awaiting Season 3 this month.

Amanda 1: Game of Thrones, Season 6. I wasn’t interested in the whole GOT phenomenon until January when I was on holidays and needed something to watch. So I am trying to stay away from all the season 8 spoilers.

Amanda 2: Now that Game of Thrones is finished, Masterchef.

Dream holiday destination….

Carolyn: I’d love to revisit Canada with more time to explore.

Amanda 1: My dream holiday destination is Europe, I would love to go on a river cruise through Prague in particular and just immerse myself in that cultural experience.

Amanda 2: New Orleans. I’d love to go sightseeing and eat the amazing southern food.