Alan Coulter Recreation Centre Upgrade

Refurbishment works are something we find really satisfying. Taking a pool structure and filtration system that isn’t working and has questions around its safety and longevity, transforming it and being able to give it back to an appreciative community is really rewarding for our team.

A great example of the work we can perform to update older pools can be seen in our recently completed Renmark project, the Alan Coulter Recreation Centre. The pool was ageing and no longer serving the purpose of the community. Access to the pool was restricted, a hoist had been installed but this was not ideal for the people of the community who wanted to get the benefits of the pool for fitness, therapy and recreational use.

Our refurbishment proposal centred around converting an old Spa area of the pool to stairs for increased accessibility to the pool, a challenging task, that saw the demolition of the old spa and new concrete steps formed and tiled to seamlessly blend in to match existing tiles. Due to space constraints, a ramp was not possible at the site, however, the finished stairs and handrails do provide much-improved access for all users. 

Another area of concern for users of the pool was the existing paving being slippery and an old uneven surface.  We updated the concourse area sounding the pool, with new coping tiles and pavers, it not only updated the look of the pool deck but it provides increased safety for anyone getting in or out of the water. Updates and improves were made to the skimmer system ensuring the quality of water is maintained to Australian Standards.  

The most visually dramatic change to the pool itself was the installation of a PVC liner, installed over the existing tiles. This type of liner is a surface finish that has been specifically developed for commercial pool environments.  Installing a liner is a cost-effective option to support older pools, it acts as a waterproof structure that will flex with the pool shell and reduces on-going maintenance requirements such as filling cracks and replacing tiles. In Renmark, as in all the other pools we rejuvenate with Liners, our Liner Specialist Dean, thermally welds the product so it fits like a second skin.  The PVC liner offers additional benefits for bathers in that the non-abrasive surface later creates grip and helps to prevent scrapes and cuts.

We could go into much more detail about the extent of the works completed at the pool, however, the pictures really do speak for themselves. Our client is happy, the community is thrilled and we have walked away with the knowledge that one more community has access to a great aquatic facility.