Equipotential Bonding

Saving the Shock 

As a swimming pool owner or manager you’ll no doubt know the safety of patrons and staff is paramount. But it’s not just obvious dangers such as drowning and slips you need to look out for. 

A less obvious danger that can have tragic consequences is the potential for swimming pool users to receive an electric shock. 

What are the dangers? 

Virtually any metal component of your swimming pool can become a hazard due to galvanic corrosion. This corrosion can cause voltage differences that can result in a shock when a swimmer touches, for example, a handrail, ladder, lane rope anchor or diving board stand. 

Thankfully, it’s usually just a low voltage electric shock that will give a swimmer a tingling or stinging sensation, but in the wrong circumstances the shock can be more devastating. Perhaps the most well known incident is that involving Olympic swimmer Brooke Hanson, who was taken to hospital after receiving an electric shock in a spa. 

There is a solution 

Part of the solution is to ensure the metal fittings in and around your swimming pool are inspected regularly for corrosion and any issues fixed. Correctly managing the water balance in your pools is also important, as incorrectly balanced water will accelerate corrosion. 

But what about the metal parts that you can’t see, that are embedded into your pool? 

The solution is an electrical bonding system, which equalises the voltage potentials so that bathers can’t receive an electrical shock. This is done by creating a bonding grid or earth connection back to the main electrical earth in your plant room power board. 

Many swimming pools will have an existing electrical bonding system, but it should be routinely checked. In addition, if your swimming pool was built before 2007, there is a chance the bonding system was incorrectly done and won’t meet current electrical regulations. 

Contact Statewide Pool Services 

If you’re unsure whether your swimming pool has a bonding system installed, you have doubts about your bonding system or your bonding system hasn’t been checked for some time, contact Statewide Pool Service. 

We can perform a routine and relatively inexpensive check that could prevent a serious injury or even save a life. 

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