Hydrotherapy Exercise Bike

Hydrotherapy Pools and Aquatic Wellness Centres continue to grow in popularity, and its little wonder. The blissful warm waters  (generally around 35 degrees) allows buoyancy, increased circulation, assists with flexibility and reduces swelling in muscles and joints, making it much easier for those with physical limitations and injury to exercise and recover.

Our new product, the Aqua Cycle, is set to take Hydrotherapy to a new level of fun.

The Aqua Cycle can be used as a therapeutic tool by physicians and therapists, assisting their patients to attempt a form of exercise that may be prohibitive on land. While Cycling can be low-impact, for some people it does cause joint and knee pain. Cycling in a Hydrotherapy Pool may provide a way to train and recover without causing additional stress and damage to our joints.

The Aqua Cycle can also provide Gyms and Aquatic Centres a new take on the traditional spin class. Taking the benefits of a high-intensity, group cycling classes into the pool gives users the benefits of both a cardiovascular workout and the hydrotherapy session in one.

The Aqua Cycle is made from high quality, 316 grade stainless steel and has features you would expect of a traditional, stationary exercise bike such as:

·       Adjustable height seat

·       Adjustable handlebars

·       Resistance adjustments

·       High-Quality PU Saddle

·       Adjustable Pedals

·       Built-in Wheels for ease of moving

More images of the bike will be available soon, If you would like more information on the Aqua Cycle or any Hydrotherapy equipment please contact us.

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