Team Profile

Team Profile - SWPS Service Team

At the time of publication our Service Team are working across a variety of sites in different states. We will update with a team image when available.

At the time of publication our Service Team are working across a variety of sites in different states. We will update with a team image when available.

The cost of pool ownership is something that a lot of domestic pool owners know only too well. Energy, water, Chemicals and Pool Cleaning quickly add up and that’s just when things are running well. Imagine then the costs and technical issues associated with running an entire 3 pool Aquatic Centre, a public Splash Pad, or a Hotel pool. Luckily for our clients, our Service Team live and breathe water and are passionate about making sure that the water you swim, relax and play in is clean and clear, backed by quality systems and extensive knowledge.

Our Service-Team has grown from just one staff member who looked after all our servicing clients to now having four staff looking after Service across all of South Australia and into some other regional locations across the country.

Meet the Team

Phil Magro – Phil is an Electrician who works in both our Service and Construction Teams. He’s a Licensed Electrical Fitter and Mechanic as well as an Electrical Supervisor. Phil joined the company in early 2018 as a Service Technician and now combines his extensive electrical knowledge and understanding of water sanitation and filtration to support our clients and the rest of the company.

Tim Higgins – Tim has been with SWPS for over 10 years. With qualifications in Plumbing, IT and Multimedia Tim has a wide variety of knowledge he brings to the company. With automation and AI technologies growing quickly Tim is able to ensure that the new technology we install for our clients is working well to improve their operational systems and efficiencies.

Ben Miranda – Almost all our Service Clients would know Ben, he’s the passion and energy driving the success of our service team. Ben has been with State Wide for over 8 years, growing the service offering and keeping us all on our toes with his pot-stirring ways ever since.

Patrick Portolessi – Patrick is the newest Service Team member having joined State Wide 12-months ago. He has extensive experience in Electrical and Maintenance systems and has a real passion for working out faults and issues. His vibrant and outgoing personality has made him a valued technician offering support to our clients and team alike.

What do you enjoy about working in commercial pool service team?

The service team agree that no two days for them are the same, there are always new challenges and problems cropping up that our clients trust us to solve for them.

Phil really enjoys the challenges and rewards when he’s called to site for fault finding and breakdowns.  Ben enjoys the variety of tasks which come with servicing, he really likes working with different clients, helping them with their facilities specific challenges and developing unique solutions. For Tim, the people he meets and the number of beautiful and remote places we service is his favourite part of the job.  Patrick, being new to the Commercial Pool industry has had a steep learning curve but he is really enjoying the role, meeting the numerous clients we serve and seeing the pools and spa’s we build that our service team take expert care of.

Now the fun stuff…

Asking serious work based questions is great, it gives us an insight into our staff from a professional point of view, but it's always nice to read staff profiles that give you a little insight into our team's personality.

In my spare time, I like to….

Ben: Spend time with my family, go out for breakfast, head to the zoo with our son or watch some local footy.

Patrick: I just enjoy spending time with my family and tinkering in the shed with whatever project I have going on.

Phil: I really like to pick up a guitar and play away

Tim: I just like to relax!

Favourite Place to eat…

Phil: Doyles on the Beach!

Tim: Chinatown!

Patrick: My local – Vic Hotel

Ben: Hoosegow, hands down amazing experience every time it never lets me down.

Ideal Holiday destination:

Tim: Somewhere green, cold and cosy

Phil: Taking the family through the Kimberley ranges

Ben: Next on the list is Tassie, then maybe New Zealand.

Patrick:  I really want to go to Bowling Green USA and have a look at the Corvette Factory and while I am in the US take my family  to the Harley Davidson Factory in Milwaukee