Mimili Community Pool

Design Brief

With a population of only 300 people, Mimili may seem a remote and unlikely town to introduce a $3.9 million public swimming pool project. However, the benefits that have flowed from this ambitious initiative are immeasurable.

Funded by the Federal Government and built by Statewide Pools, the Mimili Pool Project is managed through a 'shared responsibility program'. At the heart of this program is the 'no school / no pool' policy where children are encouraged to attend school in return for access to the pool. School attendance levels have soared and a tangible sense of community has pervaded Mimili since the opening of the pool.

The Result

Another positive outcome of the project is that individuals using the pool are encouraged to attend regular health checks at the local clinic and to participate in school health programs.

Add to this the regular exercise that comes with swimming and the simple joy and relief of jumping into a pool on a sweltering day, and it's easy to see how this became an extremely rewarding project for all of the team at Statewide Pools.

Commenced: AUGUST 2007

Completed: FEBRUARY 2008

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