Amata Community Pool

Design Brief

Much like the Mimili Pool Project, what's most interesting about the Amata Community Pool is not how it was built, but the reasons for building it.  Public pools play a vital role in the community and there's no clearer demonstration of this than in the remote South Australian town of Amata.  To start with, the pool was built only when a Community Responsibility Agreement had been reached between the Government and the Community.  This agreement included the formation of a Pool Management Committee and the introduction of health workers to ensure appropriate standards would be met.

The Result

Now the Amata Pool plays host to community organised swimming carnivals, the 'no school / no pool' policy provides incentive for local children to attend school more frequently, and regular health checks on children can be easily managed while they attend the pool.  The pool also creates employment opportunities for locals with life-guards, pool management and pool maintenance staff recruited from within the community.

State Wide Pool Services are proud to have been involved in the design and construction of the Amata Community Pool and we celebrate the positive social outcomes resulting from the pool's construction.