Urrbrae Agricultural College

Design Brief

While we love building commercial swimming pools from scratch, often what's required is a major refurbishment of existing facilities. After an inspection of Urrbrae Agricultural College's 25 metre outdoor pool, State Wide Pool Services presented a proposal for works which was accepted by the College.

The Urrbrae pool's gutters were removed and replaced with a wet deck system on both sides. These measures enhanced the pool's aesthetics and helped with the conservation of water. Tiles then needed replacing along the pool sides and in other areas where years of wear and tear had taken their toll.

We removed the up-stand on both sides of the pool to provide a wet deck edge. Concrete 'cancer spots' were then treated by exposing the reo bars and treating them with appropriate products. Once again, tiles had to be replaced for this work to be completed.

The Result

Our stainless steel department then fabricated new ladders, expansion joints were resealed, existing starting blocks were replaced with convenient portable starting blocks and with the addition of new lane ropes, Urrbrae's $110,000 pool upgrade was complete.

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