Product Sales

Consumables & Chemicals

Correctly running a swimming pool will consume chemicals and other items. Depending on the size of your facility and the water treatment system installed your needs will differ significantly to others. We are able to source and supply your facility with premium quality products to keep you running efficiently.

Pool Accessories

Pool accessories aren’t just for backyard pools. Commercial pools and aquatic facilities require lots of products just to keep them operational, from lane ropes to commercial sized pool blankets, starting blocks to bulkheads we can supply and install new accessories to support your site.

As part of our comprehensive product offering, we can also supply upgrades equipment for Aquatic play options, learn to swim requirements and hydrotherapy equipment. No matter what your needs we have the connections to supply you with a high-quality product that will support your programs and pool users for a long time to come. Due to the high customisation required for public aquatic centres and pools, we can ensure the correctly specified product is supplied to you without hassle.

Please call 08 8169 9500 or email us your requirements for pricing and availability.