Renovation and Repairs

Ageing commercial pools can become expensive to operate. Deterioration of facilities and water treatment equipment can contribute to an unsafe swimming environment for pool users. Our skills can be used to renovate and upgrade existing pools and filtration systems making them safer and more efficient. No matter what issues your pool is facing we can suggest a variety of solutions that will be cost-effective and support the long term life of the pool. 

Renovation Projects include:

  • Wet Deck Conversions of older pools

  • Waterproofing and joint repairs

  • Installing Disability access ramps and lifts

  • Re-profiling pool floors

  • Repairs to pumps, filtration and sanitation

  • Solar, Gas and Heat Pump repairs

  • Energy Management systems

  • Equipment upgrades and replacements

Our resourceful approach to each renovation project means we explore all options and present you with the most cost effective and sustainable ways to keep your facility operational. Our collaborative approach to renovation projects ensures you always have choice and your facility can remain operational well into the future.

Below are examples of our previous projects


Community Pools

Aquatic Centres